Tonquin Valley

The Tonquin Valley is located in Jasper National Park, Canada, on the continental divide, running along the peaks of the South Jasper Range (including The Ramparts subrange) which rise above Amethyst Lake. The valley is a frequent locale for grizzly bears during the summer months as well as mo...

Tonquin Valley Multi-Day Hike

by Canadian Skyline Adventures

To go hiking is one thing; to go backpacking is something else! Staying overnight in the backcountry will give you a sense of accomplishment like no other. The Tonquin Valley Trail is a loop trail, filled with spectacular views that have no match and never repeat.

The Tonquin Valley Trail is a loop trail, filled with spectacular views  that have no match and never repeat.    One of the most scenic trails in Jasper, you’ll be amazed at every turn! This trail is challenging, with mud and mosquitoes, but the reward of watching a sunset over the Rampart Mountains is well worth it! We will start the hike on Edith Cavell Road, with views of the backside of Mount Edith.  We will be camping next to Amethyst Lake  which is a mystifying experience with some of the most stunning sunsets your guides have ever seen!

If you are extremely lucky you may even see the endangered Woodland Caribou grazing in the meadows.  On day four we will make our way across the beautiful Maccarib Pass.  The Hike finishes on Marmot Basin Road, where our shuttle will be meeting us to go back to town. If you like real challenges, stunning scenery and the chance to see wildlife choose this adventure!

This trip can be modified to be a base camp tour where we take side trips to different areas from our established base camp.

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