Jasper Facts

Some fast facts about Jasper, Canada.

DID YOU KNOW? Jasper is a designated Dark Sky Preserve.

Birthday(s): 1907 – Jasper Forest Park is founded
1930 – Jasper National Park is established          

Original Name: Fitzhugh (1911) changed to Jasper in 1913

Time Zone: Mountain Time Zone 

Population: The last federal census was held in 2011. The population of Jasper was 4,432 people.

Land Area: 11,228 square kilometres (4,335 square miles). It is the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies.

 Earned Designations:    -2nd largest dark sky preserve (designated by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada)

                                             - UNESCO World Heritage Site

Highest Elevation: 3,747m (11,398ft) Mt. Columbia

Lowest Elevation: 960m (3,150ft) - Athabasca Valley

Mountain Ranges: Technically one: The Canadian Rockies
Individual Ranges (18): Bosche, Boule, Fiddle, Miette, Nikanassin, Le Grand Brazeau, Endless Chain, Winston Churchill, Queen Elizabeth, Colin, Maligne, Jacques, De Smet, Fryatt Group, Trident, Victoria Cross, Persimmon, & Starlight

Rivers: 17 Named Rivers: Athabasca, Sunwapta, Chaba, Whirlpool, Astoria, Maligne, Brazeau, Cairn, Southesk, Fiddle, Rocky, Snake Indian, Smoky, Miette, Snaring, Restless, & Medicine Tent

Lakes: 735 over 1 hectare in size. (633 of these lakes are unnamed)

Wildlife Species: 346 

Extra Fun Facts: Jasper’s ski resort: Marmot Basin has the highest base elevation of any ski resort in the Canadian Rockies at 1,698m (5,570ft) 

- The town of Jasper is shaped like a “J” (this can be seen clearly from the top of Whistler’s Mountain, take the scenic way up on the Jasper SkyTram)