Backcountry Canoe Adventure at Maligne Lake

by Wild Current Outfitters

Experience canoe camping on Maligne Lake

Do you want to do a backcountry canoe trip  in the Canadian Rockies, but can't bring all the gear with you ? Do you need only a canoe?

WildCurrent Outfitters has everything you need for an outfitted canoe camping trip along the shores of Maligne Lake in Jasper Canada.  

This is a service we provide to people THAT HAVE ALREADY BOOKED THEIR CAMPSITES WITH PARKS CANADA. Campsite booking begins in late January for the Summer season , and it's competitive process. please  plan your trip  and get your camp sites right away! Then give us a call!

We are conveniently located in the town of Jasper and have a limited number of canoes at Maligne Lake.

Please inquire once you have booked your campsites as canoes will go quickly.

We coordinate with you before your arrival and full refund Policy if your Trip Plans Chanage.

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