Photo credit: Travel Alberta/ Mike Seehagel

In celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary, access to all national parks will be free in 2017! With so many new and returning explorers anticipated to be making their way to Jasper this year, there are a few things you should keep in mind when planning your next trip to Canada’s base of adventure.

Parks Canada Passes

Mount Edith Cavell Permit

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During summer 2017, construction is taking place on the Cavell parking lot and at the end of the Mount Edith Cavell Road. This work will provide safer access, additional parking and an improved visitor experience in the area. For the safety of the public, a free parking permit will be required to travel up the road.

Parks Canada Discovery Pass


Entry into all of Canada’s national parks is free in 2017, but you’ll still need to grab a parks pass for your vehicle when you visit. Learn more about how to get your commemorative Canada 150 parks pass and be prepared for your next adventure in Jasper!

Discovery Pass: Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get a Parks Canada 2017 Discovery Pass?

The 2017 Discovery Pass provides you with free admission for the entire year to all Parks Canada places from coast-to-coast to coast. Order your pass before your arrival and experience faster entry and greater convenience.

How long does my pass or permit take to arrive by mail? If I order online, can I go to a participating location immediately?

When you order a pass or permit online or by phone, Parks Canada will ship your order as soon as possible. First-class shipping is included free of charge! If you are concerned that your order may not arrive before you depart for your visit, don’t worry! You can also get your 2017 Discovery Pass or boating permit(s) upon arrival at your destination.

Can I order a pass or permit for someone else?

Yes. You can order up to five 2017 Discovery Passes in a single transaction online or over the phone, and passes are also available upon arrival.

Do I need a 2017 Discovery Pass for each member of my group or family if we are all traveling together?

A 2017 Discovery Pass is valid for everyone arriving in the same vehicle at a national park, or arriving together at a historic site.

Winter in Jasper

In the winter, Jasper National Park turns into the most beautiful snow-blanketed scene, you may think you’ve just walked into the world’s most beautiful snow globe. 

Summer in Jasper

Summer is a fan favourite time to come out and explore Jasper National Park. Keep this in mind as you're prepping for your summer vacation! Make sure you’ve planned ahead and figured out the activities you’d like to experience and you’ve booked your accommodations in advance. 

Spring in Jasper

Spring has sprung and new life is popping up all over Jasper! The snow begins to melt away and uncover fresh flowers and plants and the ice is shed to prepare for the epic water sports to come. Enjoy the warmth of the sun as you venture beyond the town to explore the vast opportunities of Jasper National Park. 

Fall in Jasper

The leaves begin to change to display the beautiful fall foliage and the days begin to shorten, but when you’re in a designated Dark Sky Preserve that’s not a bad thing! Venture out and explore during the day then cuddle up with a hot chocolate and look up at the billions of stars above that are usually washed away by the bright lights of cities and towns.