June 7, 2016

Venture Beyond the Shore Safely this Summer

Whether you’re seeking relaxation or a hard-earned thrill, the waters of Jasper National Park have provided adventurers of all ages and levels with memories that will last a lifetime. From backcountry canoe trips, fishing, stand-up paddle boarding, hot spring soaks and more, this is where explorers go to venture beyond the shore.

As part of National Water Safety Week (June 4-11) we wanted to share a few tips and tricks with you to remember while out enjoying Jasper’s world-class lakes and rivers this summer.

1) Know the water and area:

Before taking the plunge, make sure you’ve scoped out the water and area in order to determine how deep it is and whether or not there are any hidden rocks you could injure yourself on. Only proceed to go in if you’re comfortable in doing so. There’s no need to impress anyone! It’s all about having fun while exploring the waters of Jasper.

 2) When using any watercraft, make sure to wear a lifejacket and carry a whistle:

Even though you may be a strong swimmer, there are some situations you simply can’t predict. Cold or rough water conditions can make swimming difficult so it’s important to be prepared for any and all scenarios!


 3) Don’t mix alcohol and water!

This is a no-brainer. You don’t want to be caught in a risky situation without clear judgment. Play it safe, and save the cold beer for the patio afterwards!

4) Wear waterproof sunscreen:

Protect yourself from the sun! While that glacially fed lake may feel extremely refreshing and cool, keep in mind that the water is also reflecting those powerful rays onto your skin. Slather it on!

Jasper Rafting in Jasper National Park

5) Keep an eye on the kids at all times!

It’s as simple as that - don’t leave children unattended. Always watch children actively around water – even if they can swim.

Keep these tips in mind while enjoying your next summer adventure in Jasper and you’ll surely make many more epic memories!

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