Oct. 5, 2017

Unlock Your Creativity with Jasper’s Habitat for the Arts


Whether you’re an aspiring artist looking to practice your skills, or a creative genius wanting to contribute your knowledge, Jasper’s Habitat for the Arts is the perfect space to explore creativity, collaborate with others and experience Jasper’s unique cultural community.

Located in the Jasper Library and Cultural Centre, Jasper’s Habitat for the Arts is an organization that highlights Jasper’s diverse multicultural landscape by engaging members in a variety of unique events, including monthly theme nights and educational programs.

Marianne Garrah, Director of the Habitat for the Arts, believes that the organization provides an amazing space for visitors and community members to engage in a variety of fun and interactive activities.

Habitat for the Arts is a space where you can do pottery, film work, artwork, workshops, film nights, music nights, classes – anything you can imagine that’s arts and culturally related.

Before its inception in 2010, Marianne and her partner David Baker knew that Jasper needed a multipurpose space that nurtured artists and engaged everyone – regardless of age or skill.

“We’re dreamers, we started by doing quite a bit of programing in the province [...] Then we saw that there was a vacant building in town that the province owned, and we thought that it would make a great arts centre. Our non profit formal name is It Only Takes a Dream so our website is www.IOTAD.ca.”

This year, the organization moved to an open concept, multipurpose space that has given them the opportunity to plan for more diverse programming, including outdoor programs for the summer.

“We realized that summer in Jasper in a volunteer-run centre isn’t strong because everyone wants to be outside, so we’re rethinking outdoor programming with ways to incorporate the many visitors we get. We want to share our resources with the community and visitors.”

Jasper’s Habitat for the Arts

500 Robson Street
Local tip: Take a look at their website or Facebook page for more information on upcoming workshops, events or classes!

Stay updated on Jasper's Habitat for the Arts events on our community event calendar.

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