April 22, 2016

Summertime with Maligne Adventures

Summer is almost here in Jasper, and you know what that means? Time for epic outdoor activities! If you haven’t quite solidified your summer plans just yet, Maligne Adventures can help you check off your adventure to-do list! As Jasper’s adventure specialists, Maligne Adventures provides an opportunity for explorers of all levels to take in the natural surroundings of Jasper National Park in a variety of unforgettable and exciting ways.

Here’s a few of the activities you can do with Maligne Adventures to make the most of summer:

Ride Some Waves

Maligne Rafting

Without a paddle. With a paddle. Your call! From novice to something a little more extreme, there’s a guided raft trip for everyone willing to venture out onto the rivers of Jasper National Park.

Go on a Hiking Adventure

Maligne Canyon Couple

Though Maligne Canyon is home to ice caves and frozen waterfalls in the winter, come summer the canyon completely transforms. Gushing water takes center stage, racing from the top of the canyon down. Join a Maligne Adventures guide in a hike on the upper canyon trail, taking in the jaw-dropping views along the way. Each visit to the canyon will bring a new and unique experience sure to be different from the last.

Fish in the Rockies


Plan either a full or half day fishing excursion to Maligne Lake, the largest lake in the park and home to some of the best trout fishing in the Rockies.

Check out the Wildlife


Jasper is known to be the home to incredible wildlife. Search for elk, bears, moose, sheep or deer at some of the top wildlife spotting locations.

Explore the Wild World of Canyoning


Descend powerful waterfalls and discover the deep mountain valleys of Jasper National Park while canyoning! With the help of a rope to control your movements, explore the fascinating environments of Two Valley Canyon or Morrow Canyon. Be sure that you’re prepared to jump, walk, scramble, slide and wade through all the diverse and spectacular terrain of each individual canyon. 

Discover Maligne Lake


Known as one of the most spectacular sights within Jasper National Park, Maligne Lake is an absolute must-do in Jasper. Take a trip on the 90-minute Maligne Lake Boat Cruise and learn about the history, geology and wildlife that surround the area.

Now that you know about all the activities to be had with Maligne Adventures, it’s time to hit the road! We’ll see you soon in Jasper, your base of adventure. 

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