Aug. 3, 2017

Star Sessions: An Out-Of-This-World Experience with the Jasper Skytram & Jasper Planetarium

Ryan Bray

Cory Johnn

Ryan Bray

“85 per cent of the population can’t see the stars properly from where they live.”

-Terence Dickinson, Editor of Skynews Magazine

As a Dark Sky Preserve, Jasper National Park has made a special commitment to protect and preserve the night sky, and to reduce or eliminate light pollution in all forms. So, while the 85 per cent may not be able to see the stars from where they live, they are welcomed with open arms to Jasper to experience the night sky in all its unobstructed glory!

Every Friday and Saturday from September 8th to October 28th, the Jasper Skytram offers a chance for cosmic adventurers to blast off with astronomy experts from the Jasper Planetarium for an exclusive dining and stargazing experience atop the Jasper Skytram with Skytram Star Sessions. The Skytram flight brings guests nearly 1 km closer to the stars above, giving them the chance to look through the most powerful telescopes in the Canadian Rockies, under the darkest skies in the Rockies.

Ryan Bray

Join a guided tour of the Solar System, and learn about planets, galaxies, and constellations – with the possibility of even spotting a meteor or the Northern Lights! Or take the chance to attend a special talk on Canada’s dark skies or a quick workshop about how to photograph objects in the night sky with a DSLR camera. 

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