June 23, 2017

Say I Do in Jasper National Park

With no shortage of majestic mountain peaks, crystal clear glacial waters and towering alpine forests, it’s no surprise that Jasper National Park is where many couples dream of saying “I do.”

Iawar Photography / www.iawar.com

Iawar Photography / www.iawar.com

Jasper Event Management, Jasper’s premiere wedding and event planning service, knows that romance is always in season in the real Rockies. For lovers looking to tie the knot in Jasper, here is a list of 5 things to keep in mind before the big day: 

1. Book in advance!

Jasper Event Management

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Jasper National Park is a sought after iconic destination so booking 12+ months in advance provides the best flexibility to ensure your special day.

2. Be flexible

A Saturday in the summer is the most sought after date. Consider a weekday, or think about including the beautiful fall or spring colours in your wedding palette to guarantee your dream destination. 

3. Details Details Details

Share as much information as you can with your vendors. What may seem trivial to you could be absolutely vital to them.

4. Shop local 

Local vendors know Jasper inside and out and work as a team to make sure your day goes off like a dream! 

5. Arrive early! 

This is a big day! Arrive early to settle in and relax before activating your wedding itinerary with final arrangements with vendors, ceremony rehearsals, and incoming guests. 

Jasper Event Management also suggests finding the connection - Why Jasper? You’ve chosen this exceptional destination for your wedding for a reason. Adding any personal touches to your special day will make it extra meaningful for you and your guests. 

Check out Jasper Event Management for more tips and tricks to ensure your wedding day is seamless and unforgettable.

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