Aug. 17, 2015

Jasper's on a Mission to Celebrate the Skies

It was 76 years ago that President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared August 19 National Aviation Day in the spirit of fostering more interest and appreciation for aviation.

In observance of NASA's National Aviation Day, we've decided what better way to jump on board and celebrate than to talk about one of our favourite people: Col Chris Hadfield. An upcoming Dark Sky Festival keynote speaker, Col. Hadfield is someone who happens to know a thing or two about all things flight, be it through space or within the confines of Earth's atmosphere.

Col. Hadfield is credited with many accomplishments and contributions to both NASA and the Canadian Space Agency throughout the years, such as being the first Canadian to walk in space, first Canadian commander of the International Space Station, as well as installing the Canadarm2.

We can’t wait for October, when Col. Hadfield will be returning to the Jasper Dark Sky Festival, as headliner for the evening of October 23rd, where he’ll be sharing stories of his time both on and off the planet, including memories of his own first flight experience.

In addition to big names like Col. Hadfield and the former Mythbusters hosts in attendance, there is plenty more fun planned, and new events are constantly being added to the festival, which runs from October 16 - 25.

There will be dark sky photography workshops, meteor-gazing at the top of Whistlers Mountain, and a dining experience inside the Jasper Planetarium, to name only a few of the programs and activities available.

Trust us, after you go stargazing or aurora-gazing at one of our prime viewing locations along the lake, you‘ll be sure to leave not starstruck, but awe-struck.

Did we get you excited for the festival? But wait. There’s more!

Be sure to check out the full list of events taking place over the course of October on the events page of our website.

And in the mean time, be sure to catch Col. Chris Hadfield's new song titled "Feet Up", which will be featured on his upcoming album expected to be released on October 9th. You never know - maybe he'll play us a song or two at the festival! One can only wish...upon a star.

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