Jan. 26, 2018

Jasper's January Photos of the Month

There are many perks to being in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Amazing photography is one of them.

We get to see a lot of shared images of Jasper, and we have to say: we are constantly astounded by the photographic talent we see from both locals and visitors alike. So we've started highlighting a few of our favourites every month on our website (see December's picks here!). To have your photos considered, share them on instagram and include the hashtags #venturebeyond and #myjasper or tag @tourismjasper.

Here are our top picks from January. Although it's cold outside, our hearts have never felt warmer.

We feel you, Nico. Minus 35°C can be an adjustment, especially following a quick transplant from the equator. But at least you rallied the strength to capture this jaw-droppingly magical image of Sunwapta Falls (more like Cloudwapta Falls amiright? Guys?). 

When Paul Zizka invites you to tag along on a night climbing shoot, we agree with Kahli that you can't say no. Not only will you likely learn a lot (Paul is widely acclaimed for his mountain landscape and adventure photography) but you might get an ultimately enviable pic to wow your followers. 

If we could put Jasper's winter in four words, it would be these ones: cold, but worth it. For example, as big ben says, this is one of the only places in the world where it needs to be winter in order to access it.

Pro tip: Anytime you find the cold is starting to get to you, go play in the snow with a dog and watch them explode with utter joy. In that moment, it becomes impossible not to fall back in love with winter.

Re: Tomas's first caption line, all we can say is same, buddy. Same.

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