May 13, 2016

Explore the Depths of Jasper with Rocky Mountain Canyoning

Think you have what it takes to descend deep mountain valleys, jump through rushing canyon waterfalls and experience extreme adventure in the real Rockies? Now operating for the 2016 summer season, Rocky Mountain Canyoning in Jasper is ready to take you on an unforgettable journey through some of Jasper’s most rugged and exhilarating terrain.

Canyoning 101


Canyoning is the art of descending into mountain gorges and valleys while using ropes for control and safety. Imagine descending down waterfalls, floating along streams, or following a water-carved course through century-old rock. Traveling through canyons can include jumping, walking, scrambling, sliding, wading and many other means to traverse this unique and spectacular landscape. View a video of the experience here.


Two Valley Canyon (4-5 hours)

This tour begins with a short 15 minute trek uphill to "The Gates of the Canyon", where the adventure truly begins. This trip is all about being in the water; participants should be prepared to walk over wet rocks, navigate slippery surfaces, and rappel from heights of up to 15 meters.

Morrow Canyon (6 hours)

Those taking part in this introductory adventure will embark on a moderate approach hike of approximately 1.5 hours. This normally “dry” canyon does feature numerous pools up to mid shin deep. A unique option for a family outing, this experience features incredible vistas and multiple “drops” and rappels (up to 15 metres).

Ogre Canyon (6 hours)

Tucked into a small sliver of land between the first range of the Rockies and Brule Lake, Ogre Canyon is a deeply carved cleft in the mountainside. At the base of the canyon are many sinkholes. These sinkholes are created by underground streams and a remaining active stream that dried up or changed direction. Vegetation has changed the topography of the land. Ogre Canyon is a very beautiful and unique area to explore. Four-wheel drive vehicles are highly recommended.


Being the first experience of its kind in Jasper, each tour includes all necessary equipment as well as transport from downtown Jasper to further reaches of the park. For more information, including information on pricing and availability, please visit the Rocky Mountain Canyoning website.

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