July 28, 2015

Climbing isn't out of your reach


If you haven’t heard, the secret is out: there are mountains in Jasper. Quite a few of them, in fact. When you’re in this UNESCO-designated National Park taking in all the surrounding peaks, it’s hard not to imagine yourself ascending one of them.

Seeing the mountains from a distance is one thing, but getting up close and personal with vertical rock faces and craggy cliff walls will give you an entirely new perspective on the wonders of Jasper National Park. Forget the fitness centre - climbing in the Canadian Rockies is the real deal.

The good news: climbing in Jasper is not as impossible as you’d think. With a little help from the certified guides of Rockaboo Mountain Adventures, you can actually make that dream a reality. Or at least put yourself on the path towards conquering a towering peak one day.

The better news: From absolute beginner levels to challenging multi-pitch routes, there are plenty of climbing options to choose from, based on your adventure ambition. Just starting out? You can go for an afternoon Experience Rock Climbing tour, where you’ll learn to rappel and climb on a limestone wall next to the rushing Athabasca river. Planning on a winter visit? Take a look at the guided ice climbing options Rockaboo has to offer - the sky's the limit.

If you can ascend a ladder or go for a jog, you have what it takes to get started. Jasper is a world-class climbing destination, so what better excuse to get out there and explore? With Rockaboo’s certified ACMG guides waiting to lead you on your journey with all the necessary gear and transportation, there’s no reason not to venture beyond your own boundaries. Now go forth and rock it!

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