April 6, 2017

Earth Day in Jasper National Park

As one of the largest dark sky preserves in the world, Jasper National Park is the perfect place to power down and look up during earth day on April 22nd.

On Saturday April 22, millions of people, businesses, and landmarks will make noise for climate change action.

365 days a year,

Jasper businesses and hotels work to demonstrate respect for our planet by ensuring environmentally-friendly practices. 

Recently, the hotel association of Canada awarded Pine Bungalows with the Green Key Award of Excellence.

This property is recognized in environmental stewardship, and continually explores opportunities to trim its 'waste' line without reducing guests' comfort and expectations. Read more about their win here. . 

The Environmental initiatives don't stop there! Marmot Basin is one of the only ski areas in Western Canada (and one of a handful in North America) that reduces its carbon footprint by over 10, 000 tons of CO2 per year by organizing staff and guest transportation to and from the ski area. To learn more about how Marmot Basin works to combat climate change, go here

And the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge was recently awarded a Green Key Environmental Award from the Hotel Association of Canada for their longstanding dedication to environmental management practices. Read more about how the hotel has developed a strategy for sustainability here.

Celebrate Our Planet Year-Round with Jasper's Dark Sky

On March 26, 2011 the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) officially designated Jasper National Park a Dark Sky Preserve. Dark Sky Preserves make a special commitment to protect and preserve the night sky and to reduce or eliminate light pollution in all its forms.

Parks Canada works diligently to ensure that Jasper's ecosystem and dark sky remains natural and unscathed. Being conscious of the impact we have on our environment and celebrating our beautiful planet is important 365 days of the year. 

Jasper National Park and its residents are taking extra steps, such as replacing older street lights and improving Parks Canada operations to have a minimal impact on an unimpeded night sky. Parks Canada hosts a number of special programs throughout the fall and winter months to highlight the importance of our Dark Sky status and to promote better awareness of how important the reduction of light pollution really is.

Jeff Bartlett

In celebration of Jasper’s status as a Dark Sky Preserve, The Jasper Dark Sky Festival (running this year from October 13-22, 2017) connects all ages to the universe and beyond. Throughout Dark Sky month in October, visitors and locals can enjoy both ticketed and free space and science activities and programming. This includes interactive demonstrations at the Jasper Planetarium, the Big Bang Expo with the TELUS World of Science, the Beyond the Stars Event at Lake Annette and much more! 

Celebrate Earth Day this year with us on April 22nd and join in on the global effort to change climate change.

For more information about Earth Day, visit: www.earthday.org

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