Dec. 13, 2016

Get Festive with Jasper Brewing Company's Old Man Winter Ale

Put down the spiked eggnog, there’s a new Christmas drink in town!

Though devouring endless amounts of gingerbread cookies, singing your favourite Christmas carols and watching reruns of Home Alone is a great way to spend the holidays, having a pint (or two!) of Jasper Brewing Company’s Old Man Winter Ale is a fantastic way to celebrate this special time of year. 

We asked John Palko, head brewer at the Jasper Brewing Company, to tell us a little bit about this unique holiday ale: 

1. What is in the Old Man Winter Ale and how is it made?

The malt base for Old Man Winter Ale isn't to any particular style but finishes at about 8% alcohol by volume copper-red in colour with flavours of toast, nuts, and dark fruit. To this base, I add fresh and ground ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and molasses by lightly crushing the spices. This allows me to extract the fresh flavours and aromas of the spice while making it easy to remove the solid material. I boil the spices in a pot of water and dose the extract to taste into the beer.

Katherine Speur

Katherine Speur

Katherine Speur

2. Where does the Old Man Winter Ale name come from?

This was a tricky beer to name since it was the first recipe I had made and we didn't have the established direction for branding that we have now. I have to give credit where credit is due, though. I was having an intense brainstorming session one day with Kristen Edlin, a Front of House team member, and it was one of her ideas. It was a pretty easy decision to make Old Man the name of the beer, so we went with it! Old Man is the name [of the mountain] that the locals call Roche Bonhomme.

Old Man Mountain

Local tip: Old Man Mountain can be seen as you sit and sip your beer by the front window of the Jasper Brewing Company. See if you can spot the old man in the mountain on your next visit!

3. When is the Old Man Winter Ale available at the Jasper Brew Pub?

In the past, Old Man was available in December and January but since we've had the opportunity to brew beer for the Jasper in January Festival, I've released the beer in November and is available until it is gone (usually around Christmas).

For more information on Jasper in January, check out

4. What makes the Old Man Winter ale special?

Old Man Winter Ale marks the unofficial beginning of winter in Jasper for a few years now. It's released just before the start of the ski season and it gets the locals excited during the slowest weeks of the year. This beer also builds a comradery within our staff. It's a hot topic of discussion between staff members near the end of the summer. I like to think of it as the reason our staff put off travelling in the fall!

Jasper Brewing Company

Katherine Speur

Jasper Brewing Company

Katherine Speur

5. Are there any other winter themed drinks at the Brew Pub that you would recommend?

We recently released the Nitro Brown Ale at the pub and this year's Jasper in January beer – The Maple Bock. The Jasper in January Maple Bock is a malty German-style strong lager with the addition of maple syrup for sweetness. Munich and Vienna malts are used giving the beer a solid malt base with bready, toasty and cracker-like flavors supported by a low amount of hop bitterness.

Take a peek at Jasper Brewing Company’s Instagram or Facebook page to stay up to date on all the new signature beers brewed on site!

Quantities are limited, so head down to the Brew Pub, grab a pint and get festive!

Happy Holidays AlBEERta!

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