Oct. 21, 2016

Bring Space Home: 5 Spacey Science Experiments

Want to learn how to do some epic space themed science experiments? You’re in luck!

In preparation for the Big Bang Expo at the 2016 Jasper Dark Sky Festival, we picked out some fun and creative experiments to do at home to get you pumped up about space and science! 

1. Galaxy Slime

Get ready for some serious fun in the kitchen! All you need is some glitter glue, water, liquid starch, confetti stars and food colouring. Learn how to make it here or watch the video below: 

2. Galaxy Ice Cream in a Bag

Want a tasty space themed dessert? Make a batch of colourful galaxy themed ice cream. All you need is a bag of ice, salt, cream and some out of this world flavoring - your choice!

3. Lemon Volcano

Did you know that Mars is home to the largest volcano in the solar system? Now you can create your own aromatic, colourful erupting volcano with lemons and some basic household materials! Combine the lemon’s citric acid with some baking soda and…voilà you have a wonderful smelling volcano! Read here for full instructions.

4. Solar Oven Smores

You don't always have to make s'mores over the campfire. Make s'mores into a fun and easy science activity! Learn how here



5. Magic Mud from a Potato

Who knew that you could use a simple potato to create magic goop! Magic Mud is a fun and easy experiment with few ingredients. Watch how to make it here: 


For more information about the Big Bang Expo and the 2016 Jasper Dark Sky Festival, visit: jasperdarksky.travel

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