Jan. 11, 2016

Avalanches: A Kids Perspective

Eliot, a twelve-year-old from Edmonton weighs in on one of winter's most destructive forces.


Why are avalanches so cool?

First, they’re really, really fast, reaching speeds up to 80 miles per hour. They move a ton of snow and are super destructive, pulling up trees like nobody’s business. Avalanches occur when there is a weak point in the snowpack and the forces of gravity on the snow are too strong to hold it back.

Avalanches are bad news, they rush down mountain sides ripping up everything in their path. Once triggered, they can’t be stopped.

Here's two of my favourite videos that show the power of avalanches. Check them out.



The first thing is to avoid an avalanche at all. Make sure to check the conditions before heading out in winter. 

If you are ever caught in an avalanche here are some tips to stay safe.

  • Make a swimming motion to stay on top of debris
  • Reach up and don’t get stuck under the avalanche
  • When you are skiing or boarding in the mountains don’t be careless
  • Ski with control, and don’t start an avalanche  

Now watch this bunny to see how it’s done!!!

Make sure to join us for Avalanche Awareness Day on January 21 at Marmot Basin for some great avalanche education!  Visit our Jasper in January 2017 events page for more information.

Thanks, Eliot!

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