Sept. 20, 2018

7 reasons to register for Jasper’s spooky new fall running race


Bring out your running shoes and your inner ghouls for Monsters and Miles, a new race within the Rocky Mountains!


Jasper has a new running race! Line up with us on October 27 for three fun events: 1 km kid’s dash, 3 mile Troll Toddle, and 6 mile Monster Mash. The race courses will follow along the newly opened Commemoration Park, up Pyramid Lake Road and on the Discovery Trail.

Early bird registration discounts are available until Oct. 13, so don’t wait to sign up! But in case you need more of a push, here are seven more reasons to register right now.

1. One of the nice things about fall races is that it’s a wonderful way to celebrate the transition of seasons when you’re (generally) at your fittest. After a full summer of activities, there’s a special exhilaration to lining up at the start feeling in fine form.

2. Not only are you most likely to be at your fittest, but the autumn temperatures are also perfect for going fast. Not too hot, not too cold, just comfortable the whole race through.

3. It wouldn’t be an October race without a costume element. Pick out your most comfortable, sweat wicking costume and prepare for the streets of Jasper to fill with a mob of monsters all just trying to set personal records. And even if you don’t break speed records, you still have a chance of winning the costume contest!

4. And who could forget one of the best reasons of all: those mountain views! From the course, runners will have beautiful sightlines of the surrounding peaks, including Pyramid Mtn., Signal Mtn., and Whistlers Mtn.!

5. If you’re not willing to race for the beautiful scenery, hilarious costumes and comfortable temperatures, do it for the good feelings that come from knowing that $5 from each entry to the 6 mile and 3 mile events go directly to our charity of choice, the Jasper Community Team Society!

6. What runner worth their salt doesn’t collect finisher’s t-shirts and medals? No set will be complete without our unique Monsters and Miles offerings. **T-shirts are not guaranteed for those who have registered after October 9th. 

7. Let’s be real: half the reason we race is for the great post-event snacks! From bagels, bananas, energy bars and more, our food table won’t disappoint!

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