April 20, 2018

5 ways to celebrate Earth Day at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

Around the world, people will be marking Earth Day on Sunday, April 22.

To honour the occasion, the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge has devised a full day of sustainable menu options and event programming that will delight your taste buds along with your mind.

As a national park, Jasper is expressly devoted to protecting the environment and as such there are few places better suited to celebrating Earth Day.

The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, which was awarded the prestigious Green Key Environmental Award in 2017 for its longstanding dedication to environmental management practices and strategies for sustainability, has developed a unique line-up of offerings for this year’s Earth Day. From special sustainable dinner menu options to a showing of a movie that explores the Columbia Icefield to dark sky appreciation, the Fairmont is a great place to go and ponder how you can make the world a better place for future generations.

Don’t miss these special events on April 22.

1. Discounted dining for sustainable menu options at Emerald Lounge

Enjoy a stunning mountain view while tasting the deliciously earth-friendly dishes at the Emerald Lounge. The following dinner options are available for $55/person. 

Twin Meadows Organic Beet & Goat Cheese Salad

One of the Fairmont’s partners, Twin Meadows Farm, uses the hotel’s spent cooking oil to bio-fuel much of their machinery, allowing the farm to grow world class produce with virtually no environmental impact. This organic seasonal salad is a reflection of their commitment to quality.

OceanWise Albacore Tuna

Initiated by the Vancouver Aquarium, the OceanWise program is dedicated to informing the consumer about sustainable seafood practices. Fairmont has devised a dish using tuna approved by OceanWise.

Dark Sky Chocolate Bomb

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge is located inside the world’s 2nd largest Dark Sky Preserve. This rich dark chocolate bomb reflects an image of the pristine night sky. Join them by Lac Beauvert for some world class stargazing on our Beauvert Plateau

Note: Locals receive 25% discount in Emerald Lounge ALL DAY (local identification required to receive discount)

2. Earth Day Cocktails

Sip these themed cocktails with friends while discussing environmental issues and planning how you can make a difference together.

Flower Power Sour

1.5oz Mandarin Vodka
1.25oz Hibiscus Syrup with Rose
.75oz Lime Juice
.75oz Egg Whites
Shake hard with ice, strain into coupe glass, flower stencil on foam with a dash of Peychaud’s Bitters

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark Old Fashioned

2oz Gosling’s Black Seal Rum
1/2oz Demerera Sugar Syrup
2 Dashes of Fee Brothers Aztec Chocolate Bitters
Stir all ingredients in mixing glass for 20 seconds, strain over sphere of ice in rocks glass, garnish with star studded lemon peel

3. Solar Scope and/or Lyrid Meteor Shower viewing

Enjoy complimentary Solar Scope viewing on the Emerald Patio from  9 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. Once darkness falls explore Jasper’s world renowned Dark Sky Preserve from the world’s second largest Dark Sky Plateau from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. The evening will include a bonfire, s’mores and hot chocolate, alongside great views (weather dependent) of the Lyrid Meteor Shower, which often produces more than 20 meteors per hour!

4. Showing of Jasper National Park’s "Through Time & Ice" Movie

Every hour throughout the day there will be a complimentary showing of this 15 minute short film. Created by cinematographer Alar Kivilo, the movie will give people an otherwise impossible view of some of the most remote, pristine beauty of Jasper National Park's Columbia Icefield.

5. Seed giveaway

Time to help the bees! Upon check-in, guests will receive wildflower seeds, which when planted will help attract all types of bees (which are crucial for pollination, biodiversity and even food security) and help benefit the future of these beneficial buzzers!

Happy #EarthDay!


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