Dec. 23, 2015

5 Delicious Local Winter Beers

When it's hot out, we crave light, refreshing beer. Lagers, pilsners, and wheat ales reign supreme during the summer months. As soon as the air cools and we reach for our flannels and knit scarves, we start craving fuller flavours.

The association of certain beers with the seasons originated due to actual production. In the days before refrigeration, it wasn't possible to brew beer in the summer or save fresh hops throughout the winter, so brewers did their work in the fall after the harvest season. The cold weather allowed them to store beers for longer, especially those with higher alcohol percentage like stouts and doublebocks. If there were any hops and barley left by the spring, they'd use these to make lighter and quicker fermenting beers. 

Lucky for us, we can now drink any type of beer any time of year! But we still find ourselves reaching for darker, maltier beers come winter-time. 

Photo Credit: Jamie Walter

Jasper Brewing Co.

Photo Credit: Cory Johnn Photography

Here are some of our favourite local winter beers:

6060 Stout

Jasper Brewing Company | 4.6% 

This traditional dry, Irish-style stout is named after the "Bullet Nosed Betty" steam engine 6060. Check it out at the Jasper Brewing Company any time this winter for a taste of real local flavour.

Cherry Porter

Wild Rose Brewery | 6.5% 

This limited edition beer by Calgary-based Wild Rose Brewery uses delicious BC cherries for a lush and creamy porter. The subtle fruity aroma lends just enough sweetness. Find this beer near you!

Winter Spice Ale

Big Rock Brewery | 6.0%

Perfect for the holidays and all winter long, Big Rock's Winter Spice Ale is comfort in a glass. With hints of cloves, caramel, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger, it's reminiscent of holiday baking. Find this beer near you!

Black Spruce Porter

Bench Creek Brewing | 5.8%

This beer goes deep into our Albertan soil, literally. This Edson based brew,  Black Spruce Porter, comes straight from the Black Spruce Trees that grow in our own backyard. It showcases deep flavors of molasses, chocolate, coffee and hints a taste of raisin and plum. The full-bodied beer will remind you of the delicious baked goods you enjoy every winter season. Find this beer near you!

Snow Dance Porter

Three Ranges Brewing Co. | 7.0%

This upcoming chilly winter season will have you craving this rich and malty porter. Located just 1.5 hours west across the B.C / Alberta border in the small town of Valemount, we have Three Ranges Brewing Co. They have brewed up a beer that will be sure to have us chocolate lovers dancing in the snow! 

Tip: Want to try this delicious porter while in Jasper? Head over the Jasper Legion and have a pint (or two!).


visit Jasper Brewing Co for one of their many January Brew Tours this upcoming 2017 Jasper in January Festival! For more information visit:

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