Canadian Rockies Snow Battle - Yukigassen National Championship



Yukigassen (Japanese for “snow battle”) has been popular in Japan for 25 years, but it is just hitting Canada and is a perfect fit for our snow-filled winters.  The game is a unique combination of dodgeball and capture the flag, using snowballs.

Two teams of seven play on a 40 by 10 metre snow court and attempt to either capture the opposing team’s flag or eliminate their team members by hitting them with snowballs.  The snow flies fast and furious - 180 snowballs per period flying through the air! Each game is 9 minutes long, divided up into three periods. All snowballs are made to specific standards on site so the game is fair and safe.

Try and hit the other team with snowballs while dodging counter-attacks. Capture the other team’s flag within the match time limit, without being hit by a snowball from the opposing team.

Click here to download the official Yukigassen Canada Rules & Regulations