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Maligne Canyon Ice Walk

Imagine walking among nature's icy sculptures, right on the floor of a frozen canyon that in summer overflows with churning water rushing between its sheer limestone walls.

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About the Maligne Canyon Ice Walk

A 10 minute drive north of Jasper is Maligne Canyon, the deepest canyon in the Park, named for its mysterious and haunting environment.

While the hardiest souls may be climbing the sheets of tumbling ice, anyone can strap on anti-slip cleats for an incredible winter ice-walk adventure along the frozen canyon. Explore ice fossils and towering frozen waterfalls stretching over 30 metres up the canyon walls.


For a truly unique experience, take a tour of Maligne Canyon at night. It will be dark in the canyon, but once you strap on a headlamp, the illumination of the limestone and the constantly evolving ice formations creates an otherworldly effect. Switch off your for a moment and look up at the sky full of stars. Under a full moon, nocturnal canyon tours are even more mesmerizing under the ethereal glow.

Maligne Canyon Icewalk in Jasper


Guides are knowledgeable about the limestone canyon and its formation. Marvel at the billions of years of gradual formation from within the rocks - a paleontologist's dream. You're able to view fossil life along the way.

Maligne Canyon Icewalk in Jasper

There are washrooms, a restaurant and gift shop nearby. Please remember to bring your camera as the tours are the perfect experience for photos.

Transportation from your accommodation, as well as cleats and headlamps come with most tours.

Maligne Canyon Icewalk in Jasper