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Jasper's Pool Hall

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Now the location of Barefoot in the Park and Parkway Gifts, located across the street from the train station. Hard to imagine, but this little building was a one-stop shop for everything from a buzz cut to cutting the rug.  Here stands Otto's Hall built in 1915. Brothers Closson and Jack Otto had a billiards room on the right, a barber shop on the left, and a dance floor upstairs.  

Those looking for a little alcohol might have gotten lucky on days the liquor inspector was out of town.  And while some came to dance the night away or play a little cribbage, it was also a place where the community pulled together to lend a helping hand: the Otto's would open their hall to the folks of Jasper who
pooled their musical talents, time, and money for charity events and collected donations for families in need.